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Successful 9th International Bioeconomy Conference in Halle (Saale)

Press release by the ScienceCampus Halle from June 17, 2021 [in German]read more


Cuban Ambassador visits the IPB

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba, Ramón Ripoll Díaz and the Embassy Counselor for Scientific and Academic Affairs, Ms. María Franco Suárez visited the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) in Halle on June 7, 2021....read more


Plant Science Student Conference 2021

The Plant Science Student Conference (PSSC) 2021 will take place from June 15 to 18, 2021. After the annual conference had to be cancelled last year due to pandemic, this year it will be hosted online by the doctoral students of...read more


Online Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium 2021 turns out a great success

On May 7, 2021, plant scientists from all over the world met for the 6th Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium. For the first time, the event took place online and not as usual on site at the IPB in Halle. The thematic focus was...read more


9th International Bioeconomy Conference

The 9th International Bioeconomy Conference will take place online from June 9 to 10, 2021. Under the motto "Bio meets Economy - Science meets Industry", the WissenschaftsCampus Halle and the BioEconomy Cluster...read more


Save the date: Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium 2021

The Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) invites you to the Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium on May 7, 2021. The theme of the symposium, that will take place online this year, will be Plant Cell Walls. We are pleased...read more


The de.NBI/ELIXIR-DE metaRbolomics Hackathon

The programming and statistics environment R has emerged as one of the most popular environments to process and analyse metabolomics datasets. A major benefit of such an environment is the possibility to connect different tools...read more


End of year newsletter

The December issue of our IPB newsletter is all about sweet tomatoes and effective toothbrushes. There is also exciting information for all fungi friends: From February 2021 on, Wolfgang Brandt offers lectures and excursions to...read more


It’s all in your mind? New exhibition at IPB

It seems to be busy in the mind of the painter Ludwig-Lutz Kampelmann from Halle. With his exhibition "Alles aus meinem Kopf" the stage technician of the Halle opera house gives at least a small insight into his moving...read more


IPB shows exhibition on ways out of the depression

The IPB Health Management Team offers information on mental health this year. For this purpose, Barbara Wolf organized a touring exhibition of the German Depression Aid Foundation for the institute. The exhibition's theme is...read more


Genome Editing in Europe: New Agenda or New Disputes?

International Leopoldina-DFG conference (zoom meeting and livestreaming) on October 1 and 2, 2020read more


Sprecher des WissenschaftsCampus Halle referiert im Deutschen Museum

Über den Nutzen der Bioökonomie spricht Professor Ludger Wessjohann am 16. September 2020 im Deutschen Museum in München. Der Vortrag im Rahmen der Reihe Wissenschaft für Jedermann findet um 19:00 Uhr im Ehrensaal statt und kann...read more


Kommt vorbei zum Tag der Berufe!

Schüler/Innen und ihre Familien sind auch in diesem Jahr wieder herzlich ans Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzenbiochemie (IPB) eingeladen, um sich am Tag der Berufe, ein Bild über die Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten am Institut zu machen....read more


Research data management on the radar

From 27 to 28 November 2019, research data managers, developers and users met in Halle for the 5th RADAR Workshop. RADAR stands for Research Data Repository that serves for archiving and publishing research data from completed...read more


Big stage for small disciplines: Bioinformatics on the university campus

On October 29, 80 pupils from the Georg Cantor Special High School for Mathematics and Natural Sciences got a guided tour at the IPB and the Weinberg Campus to gain an insight into day-to-day research activities. Particularly the...read more


First PhytoAD Symposium at the IPB on neuroactive substances from plants

On 21st and 22nd of October, scientists met at the PhytoAD Symposium in the IPB to present their latest research on plant bioactives. They discussed natural drugs from St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum), inflammation...read more


Young researchers of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences visit the IPB

From 05-19 October, 2019, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) initiated an information tour for young Uzbek researchers throughout Germany. Previously selected in a national competition in Uzbekistan, the...read more


58th Doctoral Workshop on Natural Products in Halle

On October 11th, junior natural product chemists met for the 58th Doctoral Workshop on Natural Products to discuss their lastest research results. The doctoral workshop, this time organized by the IPB, took place on the premises...read more


Smash by the beach: IPB team participated in the Halle company cup

After recently having played the table tennis ball at our institute, we continued with a larger ball, yet with a smaller team. Pauline Stark (NWC), Cătălin Voiniciuc (UNG), Sandra Klemm, Nancy Tang, Michel Heidecker and Christin...read more

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