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IPB Doctoral Training Course (DoCou)

Team work & leadership in academia

18.07.2018 - 09:00
When PhDs make the transition into the labour market they are often expected to take on leadership responsibilities. Not only careers outside the higher education sector but also such in academia involve leadership roles. A better understanding of leadership mechanisms is also useful in situations where one is being led, for example as a PhD candidate by a supervisor. In this workshop participants will be introduced to the most important leadership styles and techniques and will acquire knowledge of the methodical approach to leadership tasks. The following topics will be covered: ::Basics of team work & leadership: An overview of leadership tasks and styles::, ::My leadership profile: Stocktaking of my key skills::, ::Ambiguous hierarchies: What does leadership mean in academia?::, ::Manager-employee discussions as a leadership tool: Setting common objectives::, ::Role change: Staff member – colleague – boss::, ::Team work & leadership competencies: My next steps:: Please register via the following link: http://ogy.de/avqj

Redner: Dr. Peter Schröder

Ort: Seminarraum des IPB

Berechtigte: Everyone (Please register)

Gastgeber: David Edeler (david.edeler@ipb-halle.de)

Anschrift: GOLIN wissenschaftsmanagement, Hamburg

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