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IPB Doctoral Training Course (DoCou)

Applied R Programming (Data Camp) I

22.03.2018 - 13:00
(Also see "Introduction to R Programming"). Participants will be introduced to the R statistical language. The course is designed for persons who have no experience in programming in any language, but is also suitable for persons with experience in other languages. The course has following key aspects: Introduction to R and RStudio, Concepts of Programming, Datatypes in R, Loops, Use/Installation of existing libraries to extend the R programming language, Commands which are used very often in the practical application of R, and Data Visualization. In final, all participants should be able to: Install and use of R and RStudio, Read existing R code, Use R for basic data analysis, Use the internal help of R, Learn new commands and libraries by themselves, and Visualize their data (ggplot, other libraries). The knowledge of this course enables you to participate at the DoCou: Statistics and the Advanced R course. Please register through this link https://goo.gl/forms/lpHofpf50rHnKULz1

Redner: Chris Ulpinnis

Ort: Kurt-Mothes-Saal im IPB

Berechtigte: Everyone (Please register)

Gastgeber: Micha Gracianna Devi (phd-rep@ipb-halle.de)


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