@Article{IPB-2341, author = {Dissmeyer, N. and Coux, O. and Rodriguez, M. S. and Barrio, R. and the Core Group Members of PROTEOSTASIS}, title = {{PROTEOSTASIS: A European Network to Break Barriers and Integrate Science on Protein Homeostasis}}, year = {2019}, pages = {383-387}, journal = {Trends Biochem Sci}, doi = {10.1016/j.tibs.2019.01.007}, url = {https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tibs.2019.01.007}, volume = {44}, abstract = {Protein homeostasis (proteostasis) is at the core of cellular functions. The European network PROTEOSTASIS was created to steer research and foster collaborations in the interconnected fields of posttranslational modifications by ubiquitin family members and protein turnover by proteasome, autophagy, and lysosomal systems in health and diseases, across the kingdoms of life.} }