@Article{IPB-13822, author = {Weichert, H. and Kohlmann, M. and Wasternack, C. and Feussner, I.}, title = {{Metabolic profiling of oxylipins upon sorbitol treatment in barley leaves}}, year = {2001}, pages = {861-862}, journal = {Biochem. Soc. Trans.}, doi = {10.1042/bst0280861}, volume = {28}, abstract = {In barley leaves 13-lipoxygenases (LOXs) are induced by salicylate and jasmonate. Here, we analyse by metabolic profiling the accumulation of oxylipins upon sorbitol treatment. Although 13-LOX-derived products are formed and specifically directed into the reductase branch of the LOX pathway, accumulation is much later than in the cases of salicylate and jasmonate treatment. In addition, under these conditions only the accumulation of jasmonates as additional products of the LOX pathway has been found.} }