@Article{IPB-381, author = {Feussner, I. and Hause, B. and Nellen, A. and Wasternack, C. and Kindl, H.}, title = {{Lipid-body lipoxygenase is expressed in cotyledons during germination prior to other lipoxygenase forms}}, year = {1996}, pages = {288-293}, journal = {Planta}, doi = {10.1007/BF00206255}, url = {http://link.springer.com/journal/425}, volume = {198}, abstract = {Lipid bodies are degraded during germination. Whereas some proteins, e.g. oleosins, are synthesized during the formation of lipid bodies of maturating seeds, a new set of proteins, including a specific form of lipoxygenase (LOX; EC, is detectable in lipid bodies during the stage of fat degradation in seed germination. In cotyledons of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) seedlings at day 4 of germination, the most conspicuous staining with anti-LOX antibodies was observed in the cytosol. At very early stages of germination, however, the LOX form present in large amounts and synthesized preferentially was the lipid-body LOX. This was demonstrated by immunocytochemical staining of cotyledons from 1-h and 24-h-old seedlings: the immunodecoration of sections of 24-h-old seedlings with anti-LOX antiserum showed label exclusively correlated with lipid bodies of around 3 μm in diameter. In accordance, the profile of LOX protein isolated from lipid bodies during various stages of germination showed a maximum at day 1. By measuring biosynthesis of the protein in vivo we demonstrated that the highest rates of synthesis of lipid-body LOX occurred at day 1 of germination. The early and selective appearance of a LOX form associated with lipid bodies at this stage of development is discussed.} } @Article{IPB-383, author = {Herde, O. and Atzorn, R. and Fisahn, J. and Wasternack, C. and Willmitzer, L. and Peña-Cortés, H.}, title = {{Localized wounding by heat initiates the accumulation of proteinase inhibitor II in abscisic acid-deficient plants by triggering jasmonic acid biosynthesis}}, year = {1996}, pages = {853-860}, journal = {Plant Physiol.}, volume = {112}, } @Article{IPB-385, author = {Peña-Cortés, H. and Prat, S. and Atzorn, R. and Wasternack, C. and Willmitzer, L.}, title = {{Pin2 gene expression in potato and tomato detached leaves from ABA-deficient potato and tomato plants upon systemin treatment}}, year = {1996}, pages = {447-451}, journal = {Planta}, volume = {198}, } @Article{IPB-386, author = {Wasternack, C. and Atzorn, R. and Pena-Cortes, H. and Parthier, B.}, title = {{Alteration of gene expression by jasmonate and ABA in tobacco and tomato}}, year = {1996}, pages = {503-510}, journal = {J. Plant Physiol.}, volume = {147}, } @Article{IPB-380, author = {Feussner, K. and Guranowski, A. and Kostka, S. and Wasternack, C.}, title = {{Diadenosine 5'5'''-P1,P4-tetraphosphate (Ap4A) hydrolase from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum cv. Lukullus) - Purification, Biochemical properties and behaviour during stress}}, year = {1996}, pages = {477-486}, journal = {Z. Naturforsch.}, volume = {51c}, } @Article{IPB-335, author = {O'Donnell, P.J. and Calvert, C. and Atzorn, R. and Wasternack, C. and Leyser, H.M.O. and Bowles, D.J.}, title = {{Ethylene as a signal mediating the wound response of tomato plants}}, year = {1996}, pages = {1914-1917}, journal = {Science}, volume = {274}, }