TY - JOUR ID - 11365 TI - Coronalon: a powerful tool in plant stress physiology JO - FEBS Lett. PY - 2004 SP - 17-22 AU - Schüler, G. AU - Mithöfer, A. AU - Baldwin, I. T. AU - BERGER, S. AU - Ebel, J. AU - Santos, J. G. AU - Herrmann, G. AU - Hölscher, D. AU - Kramell, R. AU - Kutchan, T. M. AU - Maucher, H. AU - Schneider, B. AU - Stenzel, I. AU - Wasternack, C. AU - Boland, W. AU - VL - 563 UR - DO - 10.1016/S0014-5793(04)00239-X AB - Coronalon, a synthetic 6‐ethyl indanoyl isoleucine conjugate, has been designed as a highly active mimic of octadecanoid phytohormones that are involved in insect and disease resistance. The spectrum of biological activities that is affected by coronalon was investigated in nine different plant systems specifically responding to jasmonates and/or 12‐oxo‐phytodienoic acid. In all bioassays analyzed, coronalon demonstrated a general strong activity at low micromolar concentrations. The results obtained showed the induction of (i) defense‐related secondary metabolite accumulation in both cell cultures and plant tissues, (ii) specific abiotic and biotic stress‐related gene expression, and (iii) root growth retardation. The general activity of coronalon in the induction of plant stress responses together with its simple and efficient synthesis suggests that this compound might serve as a valuable tool in the examination of various aspects in plant stress physiology. Moreover, coronalon might become employed in agriculture to elicit plant resistance against various aggressors. A2 - C1 - Molecular Signal Processing ER -