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Authors Title Publication Volume Booktitle Editors Pages Year
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Andrade, A., Vigliocco, A., Alemano, S., Miersch, O. & Botella, M.A. Endogenous jasmonates and octadecanoids during germination and seedling development: their relation with hypersensitive tomato mutants to abiotic stress Seed Sci. Res. 15     309-318 2005
Abdala, G., Miersch, O., Kramell, R., Vigliocco, A., Agostini, E., Forchetti, G. & Alemano, S. Jasmonate and octadecanoid occurrence in tomato hairy roots. Endogenous level changes in response to NaCl Plant Growth Regul. 40     21-27 2003
Vigliocco, A., Bonamico, M.B., Alemano, S., Miersch, O. & Abdala, G. Activation of jasmonic acid production in <EM>Zea mays</EM> L. infected by the maize rough dwarf virus-Río Cuarto. Reversion of symptoms by salicylic acid Biocell 26(3)     369-374 2002