@Article{IPB-1281, author = {Tan, X. and Calderón Villalobos, L.I. and Sharon, M. and Zheng, C. and Robinson, C.V. and Estelle, M. and Zheng, N.}, title = {{Mechanism of auxin perception by the TIR1 ubiquitin ligase}}, year = {2007}, pages = {640-645}, journal = {Nature}, doi = {10.1038/nature05731}, volume = {446(7136)}, abstract = {ArabidopsisAuxin is a pivotal plant hormone that controls many aspects of plant growth and development. Perceived by a small family of F-box proteins including transport inhibitor response 1 (TIR1), auxin regulates gene expression by promoting SCF ubiquitin-ligase-catalysed degradation of the Aux/IAA transcription repressors, but how the TIR1 F-box protein senses and becomes activated by auxin remains unclear. Here we present the crystal structures of the TIR1–ASK1 complex, free and in complexes with three different auxin compounds and an Aux/IAA substrate peptide. These structures show that the leucine-rich repeat domain of TIR1 contains an unexpected inositol hexakisphosphate co-factor and recognizes auxin and the Aux/IAA polypeptide substrate through a single surface pocket. Anchored to the base of the TIR1 pocket, auxin binds to a partially promiscuous site, which can also accommodate various auxin analogues. Docked on top of auxin, the Aux/IAA substrate peptide occupies the rest of the TIR1 pocket and completely encloses the hormone-binding site. By filling in a hydrophobic cavity at the protein interface, auxin enhances the TIR1–substrate interactions by acting as a ‘molecular glue’. Our results establish the first structural model of a plant hormone receptor.} } @Article{IPB-942, author = {Dorka, R. and Miersch, O. and Wasternack, C. and Weik, P.}, title = {{Chronobiological phenomena and seasonal changes in jasmonate levels during the course of the year and under constant conditions in mistletoe (Viscum album L.)}}, year = {2007}, pages = {15}, journal = {Phytomedicine}, doi = {10.1016/j.phymed.2007.07.014}, volume = {14}, } @Article{IPB-878, author = {Wasternack, C.}, title = {{Jasmonates: An update on biosynthesis, signal transduction and action in plant stress response, growth and development}}, year = {2007}, pages = {681-697}, journal = {Annals of Botany}, doi = {10.1093/aob/mcm079}, volume = {100}, } @Article{IPB-831, author = {Schilling, S. and Stenzel, I. and von Bohlen, A. and Wermann, M. and Schulz, K. and Demuth, H.-U. and Wasternack, C.}, title = {{Isolation and characterization of the glutaminyl cyclases from Solanum tuberosum and Arabidopsis thaliana: implications for physiological functions}}, year = {2007}, pages = {145-153}, journal = {Biol. Chem}, doi = {10.1515/BC.2007.016}, volume = {388}, }