@Article{IPB-699, author = {Sharma, V.K. and Monostori, T. and Hause, B. and Maucher, H. and Göbel, C. and Hornung, E. and Hänsch, R. and Bittner, F. and Wasternack, C. and Feussner, I. and Mendel, R.R. and Schulze, J.}, title = {{Genetic transformation of barley to modify expression of a 13-lipoxygenase}}, year = {2005}, pages = {33-34 }, journal = {Acta Biol. Szeged }, url = {http://www2.sci.u-szeged.hu/ABS/2005/Acta%20HP/4933.pdf}, volume = {49}, abstract = {Immature scutella of barley were transformed with cDNA coding for a 13-li-poxygenase of barley (LOX-100) via particle bombardment. Regenerated plants were tested by PAT-assay, Western-analysis and PCR-screening. Immunocytochemical assay of T0 plants showed expression of the LOX cDNA both in the chloroplasts and in the cytosol, depending on the presence of the chloroplast signal peptide sequences in the cDNA. A few transgenic plants containing higher amounts of LOX-derived products have been found. These are the candidates for further analysis concerning pathogen resistance.} }