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Authors Title Publication Volume Booktitle Editors Pages Year
Groß, N., Wasternack, C. & Köck, M. Wound induced RNaseLE expression is jasmonate and systemin independent and occurs only locally in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum cv. Lukullus) Phytochemistry 65     1343-1350 2004
Wasternack, C. Jasmonates - Biosynthesis and role in stress responses and developmental processes Academic Press, New York   Programmed Cell Death and Related Processes in Plants   143-154 2004
Maucher, H., Stenzel, I., Miersch, O., Stein, N., Prasad, M., Zierold, U., Schweizer, P., Dorer, C., Hause, B. & Wasternack, C. The allene oxide cyclase of barley (<span>Hordeum vulgare</span> L.) - cloning and organ-specific expression Phytochemistry 65     801-811 2004