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Cenzano, A.; Vigliocc, A.; Miersch, O.; Abdala, G.; Hydroxylated jasmonate levels during stolon to tuber transition in Solarium tuberosum L Potato Res. 48, 107, (2005) DOI: 10.1007/BF02742370

Various octadecanoids and derived compounds have been identified in potato leaves. However, information regarding jasmonate hydroxylated forms in stolons or tubers is scarce. We investigated endogenous jasmonates in stolon material ofSolarium tuberosum cv. Spunta. Stolons and incipient tubers were collected from 8 weeks old plants. The material was cut into apical regions and stolons. We identified jasmonic acid (JA), methyl jasmonate, 11-OH-JA, 12-OH-JA, 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid (OPDA) and a conjugate. The content of JA and 12OH-JA decreased in the apical region but remained high in stolons during tuberization. Thus the apical region might be a site of JAs-utilization or metabolization and stolons might supply JAs to that region. The content of 12-OH-JA was higher than that of 11-OH-JA in all stages analyzed, both in apical regions and stolons. However, these compounds showed a different time-course in the apical region: while 11-OH-JA increased, 12-OH-JA decreased. Thus, JA from leaves or roots could be transported as 12-OH-JA to the apical region, stimulating tuber formation.
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