@Article{IPB-918, author = {Ziegler, J. and Schmidt, S. and Strehmel, N. and Scheel, D. and Abel, S. and}, title = {{Arabidopsis Transporter ABCG37/PDR9 contributes primarily highly oxygenated Coumarins to Root Exudation}}, year = {2017}, pages = {3704}, journal = {Sci. Rep.}, doi = {10.1038/s41598-017-03250-6}, volume = {7}, abstract = {The chemical composition of root exudates strongly impacts the interactions of plants with microorganisms in the rhizosphere and the efficiency of nutrient acquisition. Exudation of metabolites is in part mediated by ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. In order to assess the contribution of individual ABC transporters to root exudation, we performed an LC-MS based non-targeted metabolite profiling of semi-polar metabolites accumulating in root exudates of Arabidopsis thaliana plants and mutants deficient in the expression of ABCG36 (PDR8/PEN3), ABCG37 (PDR9) or both transporters. Comparison of the metabolite profiles indicated distinct roles for each ABC transporter in root exudation. Thymidine exudation could be attributed to ABCG36 function, whereas coumarin exudation was strongly reduced only in ABCG37 deficient plants. However, coumarin exudation was compromised in abcg37 mutants only with respect to certain metabolites of this substance class. The specificity of ABCG37 for individual coumarins was further verified by a targeted LC-MS based coumarin profiling method. The response to iron deficiency, which is known to strongly induce coumarin exudation, was also investigated. In either treatment, the distribution of individual coumarins between roots and exudates in the investigated genotypes suggested the involvement of ABCG37 in the exudation specifically of highly oxygenated rather than monohydroxylated coumarins.} } @INBOOK{IPB-108, author = {Flores, R. and Carbonell, A. and Gago, S. and Martínez de Alba, A.-E. and Delgado, S. and Rodio, M.-E. and Di Serio, F. and}, year = {2008}, pages = {1-9}, chapter = {{Viroid-host interactions: A molecular dialogue between two uneven partners}}, journal = {Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions}, volume = {6}, }