@Article{IPB-10423, author = {Hamdi, I. and Elleuch, A. and Bessaies, N. and Grubb, C. D. and Fakhfakh, H. and}, title = {{First report of Citrus viroid V in North Africa}}, year = {2015}, pages = {87-91}, journal = {J. Gen. Plant Pathol.}, doi = {10.1007/s10327-014-0556-9}, volume = {81}, abstract = {We tested citrus samples from Tunisia using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), and for the first time, Citrus viroid V (CVd-V) was reported in North Africa. Fourteen of 38 tested citrus trees were infected by CVd-V including the majority of varieties grown in Tunisia. Some RT-PCR results were also supported by biological indexing. After sequencing the RT-PCR products, three new CVd-V variants were identified, showing 80–91 % nucleotide sequence identity with those reported previously. Based on phylogenetic analysis using all CVd-V sequences in GenBank, two main CVd-V groups were identified. Furthermore, construction of a genetic network of the detected haplotypes using the same sequences shows a clear geographical structuring of Tunisian CVd-V variants.} }