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Authors Title Publication Volume Booktitle Editors Pages Year
Rekik, I. & Cha├óbene, Z. & Grubb, C. D. & Drira, N. & Cheour, F. & Elleuch, A. In silico characterization and Molecular modeling of double-strand break repair protein MRE11 from Phoenix dactylifera v deglet nour Theor. Biol. Med. Model. 12     23 2015
Maldonado-Bonilla, L. D. & Eschen-Lippold, L. & Gago-Zachert, S. & Tabassum, N. & Bauer, N. & Scheel, D. & Lee, J. The Arabidopsis Tandem Zinc Finger 9 Protein Binds RNA and Mediates Pathogen-Associated Molecular Pattern-Triggered Immune Responses Plant Cell Physiol. 55     412-425 2014