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Plant Proteome Biology

Deep coverage of the Arabidopsis thaliana proteome

Plants are sessile, highly plastic organisms. Proteome remodeling is a fundamental aspect of their development and interaction with the environment. Our research group studies these dynamic changes on the levels of protein abundance, turn-over, post-translational modification (PTM), sub-cellular localization and interaction in multiple biological scenarios. Our primary focus is the adaptive response to biotic and abiotic stimuli and its effect on plant growth. Our group primarily engages in LC-MS based proteome analytics. Deep proteomics, allowing quantification of up to 9000 proteins in a plant tissue sample is established. Discovery proteomics is complemented by targeted approaches allowing accurate quantification of atomoles of individual peptides in complex protein extracts. Next to our own research we provide comprehensive proteomics service to all IPB groups and departments as well as colleagues from outside of the institute.

This page was last modified on 15.10.2019.

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