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IPB Seminar Series in Plant Biochemistry

Lecture Type

IPB Seminar

IPB Seminar - Plant metabolomes in various ecological contexts

Date: 05.09.2019 - 14:00

Speaker: Dr. Rabea Schweiger

Info: (Note: Change of Time/Location)
Phytometabolomes are affected by diverse environmental factors. To investigate plant metabolic responses to certain challenges, eco-metabolomics approaches are highly useful. A study on the effects of drought at different irrigation frequencies on the (semi-)polar flag leaf metabolome (including benzoxazinoids) of wheat will be presented. Moreover, data on drought and high temperature effects on primary metabolites and iridoid glycosides in Plantago lanceolata leaves will be shown. Thirdly, metabolic changes in Brassica napus seed material during humid storage will be discussed in relation to volatile profiles of corresponding native oils. The applicability of metabolomics for chemo-ecological research will be highlighted and discussed.

Location: Seminar Room of the IPB, Weinberg 3

Lecture Access: Everybody

Host: Dr. Kristian Peters

Address: Bielefeld University Department of Chemical Ecology

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