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IPB Doctoral Training Course (DoCou)

IPB Doctoral Training Course (DoCou) - Communication and Presentation in the academic context

Date: 14.03.2019 - 09:00

Speaker: Mark J. Jacob, PhD

Info: Doctoral Training Course "DoCou" titled 'Communication and Presentation in the academic context' held by Mark J. Jacob, PhD (golin wissenschaftsmanagement, Berlin).

In this workshop the participants engage with their personal communication strategies. Through exercises and role-plays they familiarise themselves with established presentation techniques and train their communicative competencies.

The workshop contents are:

Communication basics:
  • Good communication presumes set goals;
  • Presentation basics:
  • Preparation is key;
  • Go public – go scientific!
  • The context makes the difference;
  • Everything under control? Dealing with difficult situations;
  • Presentation situations in practice;
  • Minima rhetorica:
  • Tips & tricks on the art of oratory;
Communication & presentation:
  • My next steps.
Please register via:

Location: Seminar Room of the IPB, Weinberg 3

Lecture Access: Restricted to IPB Members

Host: David Edeler (david.edeler@ipb-halle.de)


IPB Doctoral Training Course (DoCou)

IPB Doctoral Training Course (DoCou) - GoldenMutagenesis: GoldenGate Primer Design Workflow & Online Tool

Date: 22.02.2019 - 10:00

Speaker: Chris Ulpinnis, Pascal Püllmann

Info: Description

The course features a hands-on workshop on how to use the newly introduced platform “GoldenMutagenesis”. GoldenMutagenesis aims to simplify targeted specific and random mutagenesis based on the modular Golden Gate Cloning System.

Using real lab world examples the workshop covers in detail:

  • Upload of target sequence
  • Selection of mutagenesis type
  • Automated primer design for Golden Gate System
  • Detailed protocol for practical lab work
  • Automated analysis of mutant libraries (Quick Quality Control)
More information and registration:https://events.ipb-halle.de/e/GoldenMutagenesis2019

Location: Lecture Hall "Kurt-Mothes" of the IPB, Weinberg 3

Lecture Access: Everyone (Please register)

Host: PhD Rep (ahellmut@ipb-halle.de; phdcommittee@ipb-halle.de)


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