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Technical Resources of the Department

Protein biochemistry and interaction analyses

Omnisec Tetra-Detection System

FPLC system ÄKTA pure

Optical biosensor platform Creoptix WAVE GCI

FPLC system ÄKTA pure

Microcalorimeter iTC200

Spectrofluorometer Fluoromax-4

Metabolite Analyses

Agilent 1290-ESI+APCI-triple quadrupole MS API3200 (ABSciex)

Agilent GC-triple quadrupole MS 7000 B

Agilent 1260 Bionert with UV, FLD, and pulsed amperometric detection

Agilent 1290-InfinityII-ESI-TIMS-TOF (Bruker)

Transcript analysis

Real-Time PCR System (QuantStudio)

Multipurpose devices

Imaging System FluorChemQ

Ultracentrifuge Optima MX-XP

Microplate reader TECAN

Laser-Scanner Typhoon FLA 9500

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