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Good Scientific Practice

The basis for scientific work is the honesty of scientists towards themselves and others. This is the ethical standard and the basis for the rules of good scientific practice. Validating and applying these rules in practice is a key task for the sciences.

from the Leibniz Association Good scientific practice guideline

Here you find the guidelines and recommendations for safeguarding good scientific practice and for handling complaints concerning scientific misconduct by the:

16 April 2020
Statement of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO): Research integrity even more important for research during a pandemic

Ombudsperson for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

In cases of scientific misconduct, the ombudsperson is the first point of contact for all researchers at the IPB.

Prof. Dr. Bettina Hause


Department: Cell and Metabolic Biology

Job Title: Head of Research Group

Deputy Ombudsperson

Dr. Justin Lee


Department: Biochemistry of Plant Interactions

Job Title: Head of Research Group

IPB Welcome & Orientation Day

The bi-annual IPB Welcome & Orientation Day introduces new IPB employees to the essentials of working at the institute and includes a seminar on Good Scientific Practice.


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