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With the rapidly increasing quantity and complexity of the data generated in the research process, the demands on their quality, secure storage, retrievability and reusability are also increasing. At the same time, physical collections of chemical samples (compounds) and organisms is of great value, as access to biological resources and certain natural substances is becoming increasingly complex, expensive and in some cases even impossible.

The Research Group Data and Resources works primarily in cooperation with other research institutions, on various projects and concepts that enable researchers to use modern data management. Research results thus become more usable, reproducible and comprehensible. The cooperation of scientists is facilitated, data can be analysed with new methods that were not available at the time of their creation and the entire research process can be made more effective and resource-saving.

Not only are data of vital importance, without a foundation in the real world it is worthless. Since one of our main goals is the analysis and use of natural and synthetic active compounds, access to the producer organisms and their chemical components (extracts, natural products and derivatives) is crucial for unambiguous analyses or the ability to quickly test biological activities. Still other samples are kept as specimen copies or retained samples. Since the collection and legal import of biological material is subject to increasing restrictions and high legal hurdles (e.g. Nagoya rules) and is often extremely lengthy and cost-intensive, a depot of immediately available research material is now of outstanding importance for the timely completion of scientific work.

Expedition to collect plants in the Son La Province in Vietnam 2005 (Mr. Te Anh, VAST, Prof. Wessjohann) - cooperation with Prof. Tran Van Sung from the Institute of Chemistry of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Ha Noi.

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