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Technical Resources of the Department


QExactive Plus (Thermo Scientific)
EASY-nLC 1000 (Thermo Scientific), left
Orbitrap Velos Pro (Thermo Scientific), right

Protein Biochemistry & Interaction Analysis

Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) Monolith NT.115 (Nanotemper) – for Ligand interaction Assays
NGC Quest 10 FPLC System (Bio-Rad)

Äkta Purifier FPLC (GE Healthcare)

Gene expression analysis

Stratagene Mx3005P Quantitative PCR (Agilent Technologies)

Nanodrop 8000 (Microvolume Spectrophotometer)

Metabolite analysis

GC/MSD (Agilent)
MicroTof Q, (Bruker Daltonics), left
Aquity UPLC, (Agilent), right

Imaging systems

Nightshade LB 985 in vivo Fluorescence/Luminescence Imaging System (Berthold)

Axio Zoom.V16 Fluorescence-Zoom-Mikroskop (ZEISS)

Multipurpose devices

Typhoon FLA9500 PhosphorImager
(GE Healthcare)

Odyssey® CLx Imaging System (LiCor)
for quantitative Western Blot

Luminoskan Luminescence Plate Reader (ThermoFisher)
Varioskan Luminescence/Fluorescence Plate Reader (ThermoFisher)

Spark Fluorescence Microplate Reader (Tecan)

Twinkle LB970 Fluorescence Plate Reader (Berthold)

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