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Experiencing science

IPB exhibition shows photos from 14 years of science outreach at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

Photos from 14 years of science outreach are currently displayed at the IPB.

In September 2002, the first city-wide science outreach day called "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" took place in Halle. Organized by the Martin-Luther-University, the event also gave research institutes outside the university the opportunity to present themselves to the public. From the first year on, the IPB has also actively been taking part, and after two years this form of open house event was already firmly established in Halle. Interest has been huge and is unabated ever since.

Since 2007, the IPB offers a kids program organized by many enthusiastic volunteers which is especially popular and has visitors returning every single year. Even when the IPB has not been announcing any Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften programs due to scheduling, visitors have been coming to the institute. Regardless of vacation season, Soccer World Cup, or bad weather, the IPB has counted around 500 to 700 visitors every year for the outreach night. In 2008, when the IPB hosted a press conference in addition to the program, visitor numbers even rose to 1600. Such an enormous crowd of curious people flooded our small institute, that every helping hand was needed. Fortunately, the enthusiasm about the outreach night is reciprocal. Many IPB members who once volunteered and experienced how genuinely interested and excited guests receive their program, are back the next year to help again. In the course of the last 14 years, many fantastic photos have been taken showing curious adults, as well as children discovering science with keen and wondering eyes. A selection of the best pictures has now been curated by SYLVIA PIEPLOW, and is currently exhibited at the foyer and the hallways of the IPB. There is now need to hide - those pictures speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, due to overlap in schedule with our Plant Biochemistry Symposium, the IPB will not take part in the "Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften" this year. But we are looking forward to next year's guided tours, talks and - most of all - experiments for all age groups.

Here you can see a selection of photographs from the exhibition.

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