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Novel organic selenides with increased cytotoxic selectivity for hepatocellular carcinoma and breast adenocarcinoma.

In cooperation with the IPB, scientists from Egypt and Saudi Arabia synthesized 19 organoselenides and tested them for intrinsic cytotoxicity in hepatocellular carcinoma and breast adenocarcinoma cell lines. Their corresponding selective cytotoxicity was estimated using normal lung fibroblast cells. Most of the organic selenides exhibited good anticancer activity, especially on hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Some of them, the naphthoquinone-, the thiazol-, and the azo-based organic selenides demonstrated promising selective cytotoxicity. Moreover, most of the synthesized candidates manifested good free radical-scavenging activities comparable to vitamin C. The study was published in European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Saad Shaaban, Abeer M. Ashmawy, Amr Negme & Ludger Wessjohann. Synthesis and biochemical studies of novel organic selenides with increased selectivity for hepatocellular carcinoma and breast adenocarcinoma. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 179, 515-526.

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