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Congratulations on the SKWP Research Award!

Alexander Gabel and Hajk-Georg Drost (left to right) made the front page of the Nature journal with their Bachelor theses and were now awarded with the SKWP Research Award by the MLU. Photo: MLU Halle

Alexander Gabel and Hajk-Georg Drost both received the SKWP Research Award by the Martin Luther University (MLU) for their outstanding Bachelor theses. Under expert guidance by Dr. Marcel Quint, research group leader at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB), and Prof. Ivo Große from the Institute of Informatics at the Martin Luther University, the two bioinformatics students made groundbreaking findings on the plant hourglass model of embryogenesis. These results led to a Nature publication in October 2012 that additionally decorated the front page of the renowned professional journal. Now, the two young scientists can be happy about 5.000 Euros of prize money.

The SKWP Research Award of the MLU is granted to young scientists for excellent scientific achievements in fields of life sciences, chemistry and process engineering. This year, it is endowed with 30.000 Euros, of which 25.000 Euros will be used for further research projects of the two prospective PhD students in fields of bioinformatics at the MLU. The prize is offered by the SKW Piesteritz GmbH, one of Germany’s largest fertilizer manufacturers. The company is headquartered in the Lutherstadt of Wittenberg and is actively engaged as privileged partner of the MLU since 2008.

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