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Farewell to a great mentor

Obituary on Benno Parthier published in Plant Molecular Biology

The Plant Molecular Biology journal recently published a very touching obituary of IPB founding director Benno Parthier (1932-2019). The obituary, written by his students and colleagues Claus Wasternack, Steffen Abel and Bettina Hause, not only recapitulates Parthier's scientific successes in the field of plant physiology, but also impressively honors his personal career and great merits. As President of the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina and as a member of the German Science Council, he played an instrumental role in the integration of the East German academy institutes into the German scientific landscape after reunification. The article, which provides a personal view and rich background information in particular to the international scientific community, can be found here:

Claus Wasternack, Bettina Hause & Steffen Abel. Benno Parthier (1932-2019). Plant Molecular Biology

In homage to Benno Parthier and his merits for the institute, the IPB named the seminar room in the Phytotechnikum after him.

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