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2020 Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium on Plant Cell Walls

══════.✿.════════════════════════════════════read more


Mit Bioökonomie in eine nachhaltige Zukunft

Pressemitteilung des Wissenschaftsjahrs 2020 - Bioökonomie vom 16.01.2020


Apply now: Leibniz Drug of the Year 2020

IPB researchers are invited to apply for the "Leibniz Drug of the Year". The deadline for applications is 31 of January 2020. The laureates will be invited to the conference Wirkstofftage 2020 to present their work....read more


Leopoldina und Leibniz-Institut gedenken des Molekularbiologen Benno Parthier

Presseeinladung der Leopoldina vom 13.01.2020read more


+++ News Ticker Science #22 +++ Plant Defense +++

Early Pep-13-induced immune responses are SERK3A/B-dependent in potato. The co-receptors StSERK3A and StSERK3B seem to play a role in the early immune response of potatoes against Phytophthora infestans, the causative agent of...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #21 +++ Mycorrhiza +++

Commentary on recent mycorrhiza study in New Phytologist. Prof. Hause recently lent her expertise in the field of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) for a commentary in New Phytologist. In her article, she highlights a study by Zhou et...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #20 +++ Biosynthesis +++

A piperic acid CoA ligase produces a putative precursor of piperine. Scientists at the IPB have described a specific piperic acid CoA ligase in immature green fruits of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.). The enzyme, which was...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #19 +++ Chemoenzymatics+++

Application of enzymatic CoA‐Ester Synthesis in Biocatalytic Cascades. IPB chemists recently developed a bioorthogonal method for the ligation of coenzyme A (CoA) with cinnamic acids. Its applicability in biosynthetic cascades...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #18 +++ Highlighted Article +++

Plant Cell & Physiology: Research Highlights in December. Congratulations to Stefan Mielke and Debora Gasperini! Their latest review on the interplay between cell wall damage and jasmonate production was selected by...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #17 +++ Peptide Synthesis +++

Improved stability of parallel β-Sheets via multicomponent reaction. In contrast to the myriad of methods available to produce α-helices and antiparallel β-sheets in synthetic peptides, just a few are known for the construction...read more


Towards a scientifically justified, differentiated regulation of genome edited plants in the EU (2019)

Joint Press release by the Leopoldina, Union of the German Academies of Sciences and the DFG from 04.12.2019read more


+++ News Ticker Science #16 +++ Synthetic Biology +++

Comparative review on synthesis of cell wall polysaccharides in orthogonal hosts. Plant cells are surrounded by an extracellular matrix that consists mainly of polysaccharides. Many molecular components involved in plant cell...read more


Research data management on the radar

From 27 to 28 November 2019, research data managers, developers and users met in Halle for the 5th RADAR Workshop. RADAR stands for Research Data Repository that serves for archiving and publishing research data from completed...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #15 +++ Plant-Insect Bioassay +++

Plant-Insect Bioassay for Testing Arabidopsis Resistance to the Herbivore S. littoralis. Jasmonates are essential engineers of plant defense responses against many pests, including herbivorous insects. Herbivory induces the...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #14 +++ Biodiversity +++

Drivers of the composition of rhizosphere bacterial communities. Recently, a team of researchers including IPB scientists, published a comprehensive study on the bacterial communities of the rhizosphere in temperate grasslands -...read more


IPB researchers awarded for sustainabe bitter-masker production process

To honor the important field of new biotechnological processes, the Leibniz Research Alliance Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology awarded the Prize “Leibniz Biotechnology Process 2019”. The research team of Professor Ludger A....read more


+++ News Ticker Science #13 +++ Trichomes +++

Glandular trichomes: micro‐organs with model status? Glandular trichomes are epidermal outgrowths that are the site of biosynthesis and storage of large quantities of specialized metabolites. Together with Robert Schuurink...read more


Farewell to a great mentor

Obituary on Benno Parthier published in Plant Molecular Biologyread more


+++ News Ticker Science #12 +++ Plant defense +++

Phosphorylation-dependent control of an RNA granule-localized protein that finetunes defence gene expression at a post-transcriptional level. Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascades are key signalling modules of plant...read more

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