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+++ News Ticker Science #122 +++ Cell walls +++

Transporter supplies manganese for cell wall biosynthesis. Manganese is an important trace element for plants because, as a cation (Mn2+), it acts as a cofactor of various enzymes. These enzymes include glycosyltransferases...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #121 +++ Plant stress +++

Stress-resistant wheat - postulated enzyme activity refuted. Exposure of crop plants to biotic or abiotic stress often results in yield losses. Making plants more resilient to stress requires a molecular understanding of plant...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #120 +++ Metabolomics +++

Rich in content and variety - Egyptian mangoes compared. IPB researchers together with partners from Egypt recently examined the substances contained in mangoes. The mango tree (Mangifera indica) originates from Southeast Asia...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #119 +++ Bioactives +++

Tracking down secondary metabolites of the baby rubber plant. Peperomia are popular and widespread ornamental plants from the pepper family. The genus is very rich in species and is mainly found in Central and South America,...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #118 +++ Bioactives +++

Insect hormones from plants? Even useful for humans! Ecdysteroids, the molting hormones of arthropods, are also found in relatively high concentrations in a few plant species, where they presumably contribute to the repellence...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #117 +++ Plant Immunity +++

Phospho-immuno cascades: Latest findings on plant immunity compiled. Scientists of the Department Biochemistry of Plant Interactions have recently published a review article on the complex dynamics of signaling pathways in the...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #116 +++ Glandular Trichoms +++

Crossing cultivated and wild tomato species towards insect resistance. The wild tomato species Solanum galapagense forms glandular hairs on its leaves, the so-called type IV glandular trichomes, which produce large amounts of...read more


+++News Ticker Science #115 +++ Synthetic Biology +++

New dTALE system for the co-expression of multiple genes in rice. The temporally and spatially targeted co-expression of multiple transgenes in plants often fails due to the limited availability of promoter sequences that are...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #114 +++ Synthesis +++

Selective alkylation of pyrimidine compounds. Pyrimidines and pyrimidin-2(1H)-ones are used as starting materials for the synthesis of various compounds with pharmacological effects. For example, trihalomethyl-substituted...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #113 +++ Bioactives +++

Uzbek Stachys species - an herb against many diseases. Plants of the genus Stachys are used in the traditional medicine of Uzbekistan for the broad treatment of many diseases, such as inflammation, gastrointestinal, kidney and...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #112 +++ Biosynthesis +++

Piperine biosynthesis: all in one place. Piperine is an alkaloid responsible for the pungency of pepper (Piper nigrum), more precisely, of its black dried fruits. In recent years, IPB scientists have successfully elucidated the...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #111 +++ Bioactives +++

Drugstore in the forest: New anthelmintic compounds isolated from fungi. More than 1.7 billion people worldwide are affected by infections with roundworms, whipworms and hookworms. These neglected tropical diseases are...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #110 +++ Cell Wall Polymers+++

Cellulose structures in seed mucilage: New influencing factors discovered. IPB scientists have recently gained new insights into the complex genetic regulation of mucilage formation in Arabidopsis seeds. Like some other plant...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #109 +++ Plant Stress +++

How a ferroxidase equips plant roots for phosphate-deficient soil. Phosphate is an essential nutrient for the plant. However, in the soil, metals such as iron interact with the scarce nutrient to form poorly soluble complexes,...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #108 +++ Analytical Methods +++

Breeding, roasting, brewing: On the track of coffee's chemistry. In a review article, IPB chemists and Egyptian scientists compared different MS- and NMR-based metabolomics technologies for determining the chemical composition...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #107 +++ Analytical Methods +++

Quality control for new vaccine candidates. It has been almost a year and a half since our chemists, together with Cuban partners, produced novel glycoconjugates that can be used as new vaccines against the bacterial pathogens...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #106 +++ Cell Wall Polymers +++

More than just stabilizers: Function and impact of plant mannans. Catalin Voinuciuc has summarized the latest findings on plant mannans in a review published in New Phytologist. Some of these results derive from his own work,...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #105 +++ Plant Stress +++

Drought stress reduces nitrogen fixation in legumes. Drought causes a dramatic yield loss in all crops. Legumes in particular are extremely sensitive to water deficit, leading to reduced nitrogen fixation by their symbiotic...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #104 +++ Mycology +++

New fungal species discovered in Chile. Together with local partners, IPB fungi expert Norbert Arnold has discovered a new fungal species in Chile. Because of its close association with the Chilean endemic mushroom Boletus loyo,...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #103 +++ Bioactives +++

Synthetic anthraquinone derivatives show good anticancer activity. Anthraquinone and its derivatives are bioactive compounds with multiple antibiotic and anticancer activities. The aromatic compounds occur in various plant...read more

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