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+++ News Ticker Science #66 +++ Biosyntheses +++

Discovering how pepper grows: IPB scientists clarify important step in piperine biosynthesis. Piperine, the pungent principle of black pepper (Piper nigrum), was already identified 200 years ago, but its biosynthesis has not...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #65 +++ Proteomics +++

Seed Proteomics Methods: Challenges and Perspectives. IPB experts in collaboration with Russian colleagues have recently published a review on methods in seed proteomics. Seeds of cereals and legumes rich in oils, proteins, and...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #64 +++ Natural Products +++

What are the active compounds in the toothbrush tree? Branches and roots of the toothbrush tree Salvadora persica have been used in the Middle East and North Africa very effectively for tooth cleaning and oral hygiene for...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #63 +++ Plant Immunity +++

N-hydroxypipecolic acid is a general activator of systemic immunity in plants. Due to their expertise in plant immunity, IPB’s Tina Romeis and Tiziana Guerra from the Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops recently...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #62 +++ NMR Methods +++

PSYCHE - A Valuable Experiment in Plant NMR-Metabolomics. IPB researchers together with colleagues from IPK Gatersleben recently examined different NMR methods to enhance the metabolomic analysis of biological samples. The high...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #61 +++ Natural Products +++

Skin care products from plant-based glucosylceramides? Together with IPB and MLU scientists, pharmacists from Ethiopia recently published a study on the glucosylceramide composition of various plant species. Ceramides are...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #60 +++ Cell Wall Polymers +++

Seed hemicelluloses tailor mucilage properties and salt tolerance. In a study in New Phytologist, IPB scientists of the Independent Junior Research Group Designer Glycans recently shed light on the functions of various...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #59 +++ Plant Defense +++

Downy mildew resistance is genetically mediated by prophylactic production of phenylpropanoids in hop. Researchers from IPB, JKI and Hopsteiner GmbH recently published a study in Plant, Cell & Environment on the underlying...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #58 +++ Proteome Analytics +++

Exploring the Arabidopsis proteome. IPB proteomics experts recently succeeded in performing deep proteome analytics of Arabidopsis thaliana and gained numerous insights. For this purpose, a comprehensive extraction of tissue...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #57 +++ Multicomponent Reaction +++

Isonitriles: Versatile Handles for the Bioorthogonal Functionalization of Proteins. Due to their expertise in multicomponent reactions, Bernhard Westermann and Yanira Mendez have been invited to write a review for ACS Omega on...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #56 +++ Multicomponent Reaction +++

Production of Pneumococcal Multivalent Glycoconjugates as Vaccine Candidates with Ugi Multicomponent Bioconjugation. IPB scientists and partners from Cuba have developed a multicomponent reaction for the production of...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #55 +++ Cell biology methods +++

New features and instructions for PaCeQuant published. Researchers from the IPB, MLU and iDiv have recently published a method chapter on their software PaCeQuant for analysis of pavement cell shapes, in which they also...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #54 +++ Plant Defense +++

Calmodulin-binding transcription activator CAMTA3: new aspects of regulation elucidated. In an article in Plant Physiology, IPB scientists have examined the role and function of the calmodulin-binding transcription activator 3...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #53 +++ Plant Stress +++

Researchers identify a new player in ER homeostasis during stress. Christin Naumann and Steffen Abel have recently contributed to an eLife publication by Yasin Dagdas' Group from the GMI Vienna. The team of researchers...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #52 +++ Synthetic Biology Methods +++

Generating multigene constructs with the GoldenGate-based MoClo cloning system. Sylvestre Marillonnet (IPB) together with Ramona Grützner (IPB) and Stefan Werner (Nambawan Biotech GmbH, Halle) has recently published two method...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #51 +++ Antiinfectives +++

Antibacterial Proanthocyanidins of Dalbergia monetaria, an Amazonian Medicinal Plant. A team of chemists from the IPB and the University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) recently published a bioassay-guided study (de Moura et al.,...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #50 +++ Plant Immunity +++

New potato defense gene influences vesicle transport and recycling of defense proteins. Together with partners from the Martin Luther University of Halle, IPB scientists have discovered a new defense-related gene of potato...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #49 +++ Plant Immunity +++

News and Views for Nature Plants. Given their strong expertise in the field of plant immune responses, Tina Romeis and Lennart Wirthmüller were recently invited to write a News and Views article for Nature Plants. They comment...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #48 +++ Virtual Screening +++

Predicting the substrate scope of the flavin-dependent halogenase BrvH by virtual screening. Scientists at IPB and the University of Bielefeld recently identified previously unknown substrates of the flavin-dependent halogenase...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #47 +++ Molecular Farming +++

Production of growth-promoting dipeptides in feed crops. Chemists from the IPB and the University of Rostock have recently developed a system for the in vivo production of β-arginine-aspartate dipeptides (β-Asp-Arg DP). As feed...read more

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