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+++ News Ticker Science #94 +++ Detection Methods +++

Smart against fraud: Saffron substitutes unmasked. Because of its unique taste, its health-promoting properties and its laborious extraction, saffron is the most expensive spice of all time. As early as the Middle Ages, the...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #93 +++ Protein Modeling +++

Structural insights into branch-forming glycosyltransferases. As if the chemical diversity of plant metabolites were not already vast enough, the repertoire of compounds can be considerably expanded even further by various...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #92 +++ Plant Stress +++

Complex responses to lack of nutrients. Plants have evolved sophisticated responses to cope with nutrient deficiencies and to free up resources. These responses often vary from one lacking nutrient to another. Phosphate (Pi)...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #91 +++ Bioactives +++

Beating fungi with bioactives from fungi. IPB natural product chemists recently produced various derivatives of deoxygenated hygrophorones from the natural fungicide hygrophorone. The final products showed equal or better...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #90 +++ Bioactives +++

New anticancer agents by multicomponent reaction. The bioactive compounds betulinic acid, fusidic acid and cholic acid are currently the subject of intensive research due to their cytotoxic activity. In a project with MLU and...read more


+++ News Ticker Science 89 +++ Glandular Trichomes +++

Enigmatic transcription factor. Glandular trichomes on tomato leaves produce a variety of volatile mono- and sesquiterpenes that play an important role in defense against pathogens and insect pests. The key players in this...read more


+++ News Ticker Science 88 +++ Cell Wall Polymers +++

Modular enzymes for hemicellulose synthesis. Fiber, food, fuel - the carbohydrate polymers that encapsulate plants cells have benefited humans for centuries. Arguably the most prominent of these is cellulose, a linear polymer...read more


+++ News Ticker Science 87 +++ Biocatalysts +++

Mix the sequences! Better enzyme expression by gene shuffling. News from the UPO front! Nonspecific peroxygenases (UPOs) of fungal origin are popularly used as biocatalysts due to their ability to catalyze multiple hydroxylation...read more


+++ News Ticker Science 86 +++ Bioactives +++

New anticancer compounds: Tin for the win. Although cisplatin is currently the drug of choice for fighting various types of cancer, it still causes a number of side effects and damages in particular to patients' nerves, kidneys...read more


+++ News Ticker Science 85 +++ Plant Defense +++

Wild and cultivated potatoes produce different defenses. Phytophthora infestans, the causal agent of late blight, yearly leads to significant economic damage due to high losses in the potato crop. In contrast to susceptible...read more


+++ News Ticker Science 84 +++ Cell Biology +++

IQ67 DOMAIN proteins coordinate cell division. IPB cell biologists, together with partners from Tübingen, have taken a closer look at cell division in Arabidopsis. They found that the formation of the premitotic division plane...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #83 +++ Biocatalysts +++

Unspecific peroxygenases: New method for producing new enzymes in yeast. Unspecific peroxygenases (UPOs) can hydroxylate a wide range of substrates and are therefore of enormous interest as biocatalysts for shortening...read more


+++ Newsticker Science #82 +++ Metabolomics +++

Novel metabolomics method provides insights into ecology and chemodiversity. In biodiversity research, plant samples are often collected at distant locations before being subjected to biochemical analysis months later in the...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #81 +++ Bioactives +++

Targeted release of anticancer agents by acidic environment. Ruthenium complexes possess potent cytotoxic activity. Therefore, the compounds of rare metals are discussed as an alternative to cisplatin in the treatment of tumor...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #80 +++ Biosyntheses +++

On the track of pungency. The black pepper project at IPB is moving forward with great success. The biochemists of the Department Cell and Metabolic Biology have now succeeded in elucidating the crucial and final step of...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #79 +++ Natural Products +++

Mint species with great potential for drug discovery. IPB researchers, together with international partners, recently published a phytochemical review on the plant genus Lagochilus. This genus of the mint family (Lamiaceae) is...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #78 +++ Bioactives +++

Healing with frankincense. Natural boswellic acids from the frankincense plant are currently being discussed as potential bioactives against certain types of cancer. IPB scientists have now joined an international research team...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #77 +++ Glandular Trichomes +++

New herbal bioactives against whitefly. Glandular trichomes of the wild tomato species Solanum habrochaites produce a variety of defense substances against different aggressors. The substance 7-epizingiberene, for example,...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #76 +++ Plant Defense +++

Exocyst subunit Exo70B2 is linked to immune signaling and autophagy. During the immune response, plants synthesize various proteins including plasma membrane-localized receptors and molecules, which are secreted to the...read more


+++ News Ticker Science #75 +++ Bioactives +++

Nanoparticles enhance effect of anticancer drug. Using the anticancer drug cisplatin (CP), IPB scientists have demonstrated that binding to nanoparticles can increase the effect of drugs. The study was carried out in...read more

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