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Halle's Leibniz Institutes showing their colours

For this year's Diversity Day, the three Leibniz Institutes in Halle presented themselves on the market square (Photo: Peggy Krönung, IWH).

On 28 May 2019, all three Leibniz Institutes situated in Halle (IAMO, IPB and IWH) came together to show their colours for diversity. At their joint stand on the market place, a silhouette artist made portrait cards. Otherwise visible dimensions of diversity, such as age, gender or origin, cannot be reliably read from the silhouettes. Only the essential remains to be seen: We are all different. In addition, passers-by and guests were allowed to lay a mosaic of colorful stones around the Leibniz lettering. The mosaic was intended to symbolise how the participation of different people creates a more colourful and diverse picture, just as research depends on the influences and ideas of very different people.



More Images

A silhouette artist creates profile portraits of passers-by (Photo: Sven Dryja, IAMO).

A mosaic around the Leibniz logo symbolizes the diversity at our research institutes (Photo: Sven Dryja, IAMO).

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