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Trainee at the IPB is best of his year

Tarik Weiss, Foto: IPB

Tarik Weiss, Foto: IPB

Tarik Weiss was honoured with a certificate as the best trainee of his year by his vocational school ‚Gutjahr‘. In an official letter, the school principal complimented the prospective IT specialist for his very good final grade and thanked the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry as a training institution.  "Without a solid foundation of practical knowledge and action, these results would not have been possible", wrote the school principal.

Tarik Weiss thanked his mentors, colleagues and friends who "always showed him the right way and challenged him to new difficult tasks". Only in this way could he acquire the necessary knowledge and experience for such a good performance in his training.

We congratulate Tarik Weiss and wish him just as much success in the upcoming exams!

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