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The IPB is a multicultural research institution in which diversity is lived actively. We promote our employees regardless of nationality, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation. The diversity at the Institute faciliates new ideas and creative approaches.

Diversity Charter

As a member of the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt), we will actively implement the 6 principles of the Charter in order to continue to counter discrimination and prejudice in the future.

The principles of the Diversity Charter are as follows:

    • Cultivate an organizational culture characterized by mutual respect and esteem for each and every individual. We create the conditions for supervisors and employees to recognize, share and live these values. The managers and superiors have a special obligation in this respect.
    • Review our personnel processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse abilities and talents of all employees as well as our performance standards.
    • Recognizing the diversity of society within and outside the organization, valuing the potential inherent in it and using it profitably for the company or institution.
    • Make the implementation of the Charter the subject of internal and external dialogue.
    • Provide public information annually on our activities and progress in promoting diversity and appreciation.
    • Inform our employees about diversity and involve them in the implementation of the Charter.

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The principles of the Diversity Charter are as follows:

1. The realization of equal opportunities

Each and every employee, regardless of the individual starting situation, should be given equal access and chances of success. We are committed to constantly improving the necessary structural framework conditions.

2. Promotion
The talents of all employees are to be promoted in order to further improve the scientific expertise of the individuals and ultimately of the entire institute.

3. Protection against discrimination
We ensure compliance with the General Equal Treatment Act and combat all forms of discrimination. Diversity management pursues and combines two main perspectives, namely the equity and business perspective. While the equity perspective focuses on the respect of human rights and anti-discrimination measures, the business perspective focuses on promoting the satisfaction of different employees and thus increasing creativity, productivity and motivation. Existing structures and measures that implement these perspectives include our Equal Opportunities Officer and the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Circle, which are jointly responsible for diversity management in coordination with the IPB Board of Directors.

Fields of action

Needs analysis while respecting data protection:
Analyzing personnel key figures as an objective basis for personnel policy
Set up an anonymous Ideas and Concerns Box with the aim of revealing problem areas
Conducting talks with employees

Existing offers:
Training and awareness-raising measures
Career promotion instruments, e.g. mentoring programmes
Language courses
Diversity-sensitive welcome structure
Accessibility (map of barrier-free access to the institute)
Multilingual communication, public relations and transparency
Multi-religious meditation room
Parent-child room
Promoting sporting and multicultural leisure activities, providing premises
   (Diwali festival, table tennis tournament, cooking together etc.)


Future Prospects
Diversity management at the IPB is designed for the long term. In the future, we want to ensure a non-discriminatory working environment characterised by mutual respect in which all employees feel comfortable. At regular intervals, a critical review of the measures implemented takes place. This self-assessment is carried out every 3 years in connection with the new application for the Total-E-Quality-Predicate and enables the existing measures to be readjusted if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact the Circle for Equal Opportunities and Diversity or our Diversity Officer!

This page was last modified on 26.10.2023.

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