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Current Information on Coronavirus

The disease caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has been spreading massively in Europe since January 2020. According to WHO, the disease is called COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). 


October-Update: Preventive COVID-19 Measures

In accordance with the General Decree of the City of Halle (06/2020) and in close consultation with the IPB Staff Council, the Board of Directors has agreed on the following adaptation of the IPB prevention measures (COVID-19):

  1. With immediate effect, the wearing of a mouth-nose cover is compulsory in all corridors (entrance areas, hallways, stairs) throughout the Institute. This applies to all IPB staff, guests and visitors. Masks are compulsory at working spaces if the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained. The mouth-nose cover is part of the protective work gear and is provided by the IPB (through Dr. Nin Brauer). Of course, you can use your own masks as well.
  2. For working spaces where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, there is still the possibility of staggered or flexible working hours as well as for home office up to a maximum of 50% of regular working hours.
  3. As of Wednesday (October 28, 2020), the service agreement on flextime and time recording will be suspended in favor of the model trusted-working hours with the possibility of compensating overtime with free time.
  4. The occupancy of the Kurt Mothes Hall (KMS) for seminars and scheduled work meetings will be reduced to 16 persons (without lecturer). The maximum occupancy of the seminar room Benno Parthier (BPS) and the new seminar room R2 is limited to 8 persons each. All events in these rooms (seminars, work meetings) require the use of masks. Regular room ventilation and table disinfection must be carried out.
  5. We strongly advise against business trips of any kind. These will only be approved by the IPB Management after consultation with the Department Chairs and only with exceptional reason.

The Board of Directors will review these measures prior to the 9th Containment Ordinance of Saxony-Anhalt expected in mid-November. Please, help us to cope with the coming weeks and months. Many thanks!


Current information from the city of Halle (Saale) about the Corona virus

As of today, a general ruling is in effect in the city of Halle (Saale) to stop the spread of the corona virus. This order supplements the measures regulated by the 8th Containment Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, which is still in force. The texts of the general decree and the Containment Ordinance can be found under the following links (documents in German):


Continuation of preventive measures

Taking into account the 8th SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, published on September 15, 2020, the Board of Directors reviewed the current preventive measures, which have been adapted since June 16, and concluded that there is no reason to relax the measures in force.

Therefore, we would like to make the entire IPB staff aware of the need to strictly adhere to the strict hygiene precautions and distance regulations, including mask obligation in case of insufficient physical distancing. In particular we would like to point out the following:

  1. Business travel will only be approved by the department heads in case of urgent official interest. Approval is subject to the current situation at the destination at the start of the travel.

  2. Masks must be worn during seminars in the KMS and BPS. Attention must be paid to maximum occupancy and thorough room ventilation. For the latter purpose, CO2 detectors (warning lights) will be installed in all lecture and meeting rooms.

  3. All departmental excursions and institute parties (e.g., X-mas parties, Diwali, etc.) will be suspended this year.

  4. In the event of temporary closure of day-care centers and /or schools, please inform Human Resources immediately, as well as your supervisor, about the further procedure.

  5. If an employee (or a member of the household or close circle of family/friends) is tested for Covid-19, please inform the department chair immediately. The chair then decides which group of people in the department will be released from duty until the test results are available.

  6. The regulations on private travel continue to apply. Absences from work due to difficulties on the return journey, quarantine, etc. must be reported to the supervisor; however, these are solely your own responsibility.


Adjustment of preventive measures

Considering the 6th SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance of the State of Saxony-Anhalt of May 26, the Board of Directors reviewed the current preventive measures at the IPB and decided on the following adjustments:

  1. The maximal occupancy of the two lecture rooms will be increased to 20 persons in the KMS and to 15 persons in the BPS, but will be subject to the minimum distance rule of 1.5 m.
    This will allow for "hybrid" seminars and progress reports with partial physical attendance. However, the following precautionary measures must be observed:
    - Mouth-Nose-Cover when approaching maximum occupancy
    - Maintaining the minimum distance when entering and leaving the rooms
    - Ample room ventilation
    - Attendance lists (host responsibility, lists are kept for two months in the MSV secretariat)
  2. Business trips are possible under careful consideration of the local conditions and state/country regulations, but are subject to a special evaluation by the responsible department head
  3. The IPB service agreement for recording work hours ("punch-card system") will be reinstated as of July 20.

All other preventive measures adopted on May 12 and not listed above remain valid until further notice, including but not limited to:

- Compliance with hygiene regulations
- Max. occupancy of laboratories/offices (face masks required when minimum distance cannot be maintained)
- Approval/coordination of home office with the respective department head
- Visits by guests and company representatives
- Private and vocational travel

Thank you so much for your cooperation!


Continuation of preventive measures

The IPB continues all preventive measures until July 6. Then, the board of directors will review the measures and discuss adjustments, if necessary.

  1. ‘Physical seminars’ at the IPB remain suspended.
  2. Small group meetings are possible if the maximum room occupancy is observed.
  3. Business trips are not permitted until July 6.
  4. You are solely responsible for private/vacation trips. Possible consequences, such as missed work due to a necessary quarantine are not covered by the IPB.
  5. All visitors, guests, company representatives etc. must register at the reception.
  6. Strict compliance with all hygiene rules.
  7. Maximum occupancy of laboratories/offices (>12 sqm/person).
  8. This can be achieved by better utilization of the available space, staggered working hours, rotating staff, partial home office. In any case, work in the home office must be coordinated with the respective department chair.
  9. Maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 m (better 2 m) between two persons.
  10. If the minimum distance cannot be maintained for a short time, face masks must be worn. These are provided by our Specialist Employee for Work Safety, Dr. Nin Brauer.
  11. Unnecessary foot traffic between departments must be avoided.
  12. Students with a guest contract may carry out their training and qualification work at the IPB in accordance with the MLU regulations, but must complete a health questionnaire, which is available in the secretariats.


Preventive Measures (Update)

The preventive measures remain valid until at least May 11. Then, the Board of Directors will discuss possible further details.

However, please be advised and prepared that the physical distance requirements and strict hygiene rule at the IPB may remain in force for several months. The IPB (Mr. Zuber) is making every effort to provide sufficient protective masks as soon as possible for work where a minimum distance of 1.5 m (better 2 m) cannot be maintained occasionally (the IPB is on a waiting list).

Last Friday, the Board of Directors decided that small group meetings in the KMS (max. 10 persons) and in the BPS (max. 8 persons) are again possible, provided that all precautions are met. A period of 30 min must be allowed between each reservation during which the rooms can be thoroughly ventilated.


Update on Preventive Measures

Please note that the preventive measures at the IPB are still valid and must be strictly adhered to (until the end of April at least). Because, thus far, these measures have enabled us to maintain research, albeit at a reduced level. We would like to thank you all very much for your efforts!

Once again, the most important measures are (in compliance with the standing orders of the City of Halle):

  1. Observance of the maximum occupancy of laboratories/offices (>12 sqm/person)
  2. Maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 m (better 2 m) between two persons
  3. Reducing general occupancy of the IPB by: staggered working hours/rotating office or lab shifts/partial home office
  4. Avoiding unnecessary foot traffic within the institute
  5. Strict compliance with hygiene rules
  6. All IPB employees returning from abroad must immediately report to the City Health Department und undergo a 14-day quarantine

For insurance coverage, please do not forget to inform your superior and Human Resources in case of partial home office.


New Information on Preventive Measures

  1. The IPB will significantly reduce the intensity of its research and administrative activities in order to guarantee a minimum distance of 2 m between two persons at all times and in all working areas. The maximum number of people per lab/office/social room is determined by its area (>12 sqm/person). The doors will be labelled accordingly (max. 2 persons etc.). Once again, we encourage alternating home office, staggered working hours and rotating office/lab shifts to significantly reduce staff density at the institute. This is not emergency staffing, but minimal operation.
  2. Work meetings shall be limited to two persons. Avoid inadvertent, spatial proximity (e.g., at desks or in front of a PC).
  3. Use the entrance/exit nearest to your department. Avoid unnecessary walkways between departments.
  4. Important: All employees should have a VPN access set up so that they can immediately and remotely access their IPB PC in case of emergency.

Please, strictly adhere to these measures (in addition to those already communicated, see below) for the next (hopefully only few) weeks, so that we do not have to order emergency staffing.


Extended preventive measures

  1. The functionality of the IPB will be guaranteed and maintained, albeit at a reduced level (this is not an emergency staffing).
  2. A minimum distance of at least 2 m between persons in all institute areas shall be maintained. In indoor areas where this has not been the case so far (e.g. offices, laboratories), work procedures at departmental and working group level will be adapted accordingly (the respective departmental management is responsible). This can be achieved by staggered working hours of the laboratory staff or by alternating office work in the living area (home office). Staggered working hours and home office must be coordinated with the respective department management. Human Resources must be informed via the secretariats.
  3. Employees in home office must be able to be contacted at short notice during working hours (e-mail, forwarding of a call to the work telephone to a private telephone connection). However, partial (alternating) weekly presence at the institute is desired.
  4. If possible, group meetings should be avoided and be as short as possible. In the few mandatory cases, use the KMS or BPS (room ventilation) with a maximum of 5 persons and keep appropriate physical distances.
  5. Meetings in the social rooms and foyers are also limited to a maximum of 5 persons, observing the appropriate physical distances. Preferably use the outdoor facilities in good weather (up to max. 5 persons)!
  6. The general and adapted hygiene measures must be strictly observed!

The extended preventive measures are valid until the end of April 2020. We will inform you weekly about changes or adjustments.

Stay healthy and do not despair!


Instruction on Preventive Measures at the IPB

On Friday (13.3.2020), the Board of Directors decided on the following measures with immediate effect at IPB:

  1. Business trips of any kind abroad and within Germany are to be suspended until the end of April 2020 and are not to be approved.

  2. The Leibniz Symposium planned for May will be cancelled and postponed by one year to May 6/7, 20121 (same topic and organization).

  3. The Research and the Literature Seminar (WED) as well as the seminar series with external speakers (THUR), are suspended until the end of April.

  4. All Institute and departmental events (e.g. weekly progress reports) will be suspended until the end of April.

  5. Only IPB employees and registered long-term guests are authorized to enter IPB buildings adjacent to the foyer.

  6. The reception of registered visitors is restricted to external maintenance and repair personnel and to local cooperation partners, provided that there is outmost professional interest.

  7. The regulations of the MLU apply to university students (BSc, MSc) and MLU guests working at the IPB.

  8. In case of private travel, we expressly refer you to the travel advice of the Robert Koch Institute or the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs. You bear the sole risk of illness or quarantine, and you are obliged to inform accordingly the IPB as your employer.

We will inform you immediately of any changes to these preventive measures.

This page was last modified on 01.12.2020.

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