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Current Information on Coronavirus

The disease caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has been spreading massively in Europe since January 2020. According to WHO, the disease is called COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). 


New Information on Preventive Measures

  1. The IPB will significantly reduce the intensity of its research and administrative activities in order to guarantee a minimum distance of 2 m between two persons at all times and in all working areas. The maximum number of people per lab/office/social room is determined by its area (>12 sqm/person). The doors will be labelled accordingly (max. 2 persons etc.). Once again, we encourage alternating home office, staggered working hours and rotating office/lab shifts to significantly reduce staff density at the institute. This is not emergency staffing, but minimal operation.
  2. Work meetings shall be limited to two persons. Avoid inadvertent, spatial proximity (e.g., at desks or in front of a PC).
  3. Use the entrance/exit nearest to your department. Avoid unnecessary walkways between departments.
  4. Important: All employees should have a VPN access set up so that they can immediately and remotely access their IPB PC in case of emergency.

Please, strictly adhere to these measures (in addition to those already communicated, see below) for the next (hopefully only few) weeks, so that we do not have to order emergency staffing.


Extended preventive measures

  1. The functionality of the IPB will be guaranteed and maintained, albeit at a reduced level (this is not an emergency staffing).
  2. A minimum distance of at least 2 m between persons in all institute areas shall be maintained. In indoor areas where this has not been the case so far (e.g. offices, laboratories), work procedures at departmental and working group level will be adapted accordingly (the respective departmental management is responsible). This can be achieved by staggered working hours of the laboratory staff or by alternating office work in the living area (home office). Staggered working hours and home office must be coordinated with the respective department management. Human Resources must be informed via the secretariats.
  3. Employees in home office must be able to be contacted at short notice during working hours (e-mail, forwarding of a call to the work telephone to a private telephone connection). However, partial (alternating) weekly presence at the institute is desired.
  4. If possible, group meetings should be avoided and be as short as possible. In the few mandatory cases, use the KMS or BPS (room ventilation) with a maximum of 5 persons and keep appropriate physical distances.
  5. Meetings in the social rooms and foyers are also limited to a maximum of 5 persons, observing the appropriate physical distances. Preferably use the outdoor facilities in good weather (up to max. 5 persons)!
  6. The general and adapted hygiene measures must be strictly observed!

The extended preventive measures are valid until the end of April 2020. We will inform you weekly about changes or adjustments.

Stay healthy and do not despair!


Instruction on Preventive Measures at the IPB

On Friday (13.3.2020), the Board of Directors decided on the following measures with immediate effect at IPB:

  1. Business trips of any kind abroad and within Germany are to be suspended until the end of April 2020 and are not to be approved.

  2. The Leibniz Symposium planned for May will be cancelled and postponed by one year to May 6/7, 20121 (same topic and organization).

  3. The Research and the Literature Seminar (WED) as well as the seminar series with external speakers (THUR), are suspended until the end of April.

  4. All Institute and departmental events (e.g. weekly progress reports) will be suspended until the end of April.

  5. Only IPB employees and registered long-term guests are authorized to enter IPB buildings adjacent to the foyer.

  6. The reception of registered visitors is restricted to external maintenance and repair personnel and to local cooperation partners, provided that there is outmost professional interest.

  7. The regulations of the MLU apply to university students (BSc, MSc) and MLU guests working at the IPB.

  8. In case of private travel, we expressly refer you to the travel advice of the Robert Koch Institute or the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs. You bear the sole risk of illness or quarantine, and you are obliged to inform accordingly the IPB as your employer.

We will inform you immediately of any changes to these preventive measures.

This page was last modified on 03.04.2020.

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