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Technical Resources of the Departments

Mikrokalorimeter iTC200

Molecular Signal Processing

The department has a state-of-the-art instrument pool for RNA preparation and expression analysis as well as for protein-protein or protein-ligand interaction analysis. Furthermore, GC/MS and LC/MS equipment for metabolite analysis and various multipurpose devices are available.

See the department's technical resources...

NMR spectrometer DD2 400 MHz

Bioorganic Chemistry

The department is equipped with modern NMR and mass spectrometers as well as devices for standard preparative and analytical techniques (chromatography, optical spectrometry, etc.). In addition, screening technologies including a phenotype analyzer and a flow cytometer are available. Computer chemists at the department rely on an IPB-hosted Linux cluster, and are equipped with a 3D graphics workstation and state-of-the-art software.

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Cell and Metabolic Biology

The SZB department houses many of the decentralized devices of the Cell Biology and Metabolomics platforms including mass spectrometry equipment for Metabolite Profiling, Targeted Metabolomics, Phytohormone Analysis, Metabolic Flux Analysis, etc. In addition, the department has comprehensive equipment for working with microbial expression systems (Fermenter, French Press) and for transcript analysis (qRT, Personal Array System).

See the department's technical resources...

Biochemistry of Plant Interactions

The department houses several mass spectrometry devices, technical equipment for the automated preparation of plant material, as well as luminescence readers, thermophoresis analyzer (MST) and more.

Central Facilities

The institute also maintains

  • an isotope laboratory (hybridization ovens, liquid scintillation counter, vacuum harvester and more).
    Contact person is the Radiosafety officer
  • a photo laboratory
  • a chemicals store

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