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IPB Library

The IPB maintains a specialized academic library with professional E-journals and monographs focusing on chemistry, biochemistry and biology.

User information

  • Currently the library has a stock of 6,300 books
  • University publications and reference books in the reading room cannot be borrowed.
  • As a new user, please contact the library staff. They will provide you with information about our library services.
  • The library is accessible at all times for IPB staff members.
  • Please, check the IPB's OPAC first. Literature that is not available at the institute can be ordered via the library. For this purpose use the order form on Intranet or ask the library staff.

Library rooms

The library is located in a specially rebuilt annex of the institute, which was opened in January 1997.

  • In the research room there are ten workspaces, incl. six computer workstations and a reference library with encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, atlases, etc.
  • All IPB employees can use the multifunction printer in the research room for scanning, copying and printing.
  • On the upper floor we have five Thinkers' Rooms (personal writing spaces) for guests, diploma and doctoral students. Reservation here via intranet.

Service for Emploees (via Intranet)

This page was last modified on 14.06.2021.

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