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Calibrated calcium concentration measurements.
Calibrated calcium concentration measurements.

FlagScreen is an R-based script for calibration of aequorin-based calcium measurements in a high throughput format (96 or 384 well plates). For details refer to the README, the example files, and the original publication. If you are using this script to produce data for publication please cite:

Stefanie Ranf, Julia Grimmer, Yvonne Pöschl, Pascal Pecher,Delphine Chinchilla, Dierk Scheel, and Justin Lee: Defense-Related Calcium Signaling Mutants Uncovered via a Quantitative High-Throughput Screen in Arabidopsis thaliana Mol. Plant (2011) ssr064 first published online August 22, 2011doi:10.1093/mp/ssr064

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