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PhD Student Representatives

Once a year, the IPB's PhD students elect their department's representative. The four PhD student representatives act as contact partners within their departments and provide support and assistance in doctorate-related concerns. In addition, PhD student representatives are actively involved in integration of new and foreign doctoral candidates. They organize workshops, seminars and a regular PhD get-together which is an opportunity for PhD students to get to know peers from other departments and to exchange ideas in a relaxed setting.
Moreover, PhD student representatives act as contact persons for research group and department heads and represent the interests of all PhD students within the Scientific Institute Council (WIR).

The PhD student representatives elected for 2019/2020:

Elvio Benatto Perino (BPI), Elena Moreno Castillo (MSV), Robert Säbel (SZB) and Evelyn Funke (NWC) (from left to right) are the 2019/2020 doctoral representatives of the IPB.

Bioorganic Chemistry

Evelyn Funke


Department: Bioorganic Chemistry

Job Title: PhD Student

+49 (0) 345 5582 1341

+49 (0) 345 5582 1309

Cell and Metabolic Biology

Robert Säbel


Department: Cell and Metabolic Biology

Job Title: PhD Student

+49 (0) 345 5582 1511

+49 (0) 345 5582 1009

Biochemistry of Plant Interactions

Elvio Henrique Benatto Perino


Department: Biochemistry of Plant Interactions

Job Title: PhD Student

+49 (0) 345 5582 1441

+49 (0) 345 5582 1409

Molecular Signal Processing

Elena Moreno Castillo


Department: Molecular Signal Processing

Job Title: PhD Student

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