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Department Cell and Metabolic Biology, December 2015

All Staff Members of Cell and Metabolic Biology

Glandular Trichomes and Isoprenoid Biosynthesis

Prof. Dr. Alain Tissier

Staff Member
Athmer, Benedikt Bioinformatician
Balcke, Gerd Research Associate
Bathe, Ulschan PhD Student
Bergau, Nick Postdoc
Devi, Micha Gracianna PhD Student
Falke, Rebecca Master Student
Helmstedt, Kathleen PhD Student
Henning, Anja Technician
Lin, Xuemei Master Student
Pirwitz, Felix Research Assistant
Prange, Anja Technician
Schäfer, Petra Technician
Schreiber, Tom Postdoc
Treutler, Anna-Maria Research Assistant
Yang, Changqing Visiting Scholar
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