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Printed / Informational Materials

Festschrift "Vom IBP zum IPB - 50 Jahre Pflanzenbiochemie in Halle"

The IPB published a Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Publication  outlining the history of the institute. In addition to research highlights during 50 years of plant biochemistry at the Weinberg, the book also provides social and political background information. It gives an insight into former research conditions and illustrates, notably in the chapter about the period of political changes (1989/90), how the research community of the GDR was integrated into the existing structures in the “old federal states”. (ISBN: 978-3-00-024034-8)

If you are interested in this book, please, forward a prepaid and self-addressed DIN A4 envelope (1.44 €) or contact our press officer!

Scientific Reports

IPB Research Reports are published every two years in a bilingual edition (German/English). We will be glad to send you a copy on request.

Previous-year Research Reports can be retrieved here!.


Our Newsletters feature a diverse range of people news, events and research highlights. IPB Newsletters are published once or twice a year. If you are interested in a copy, please, forward a self-addressed and prepaid DIN A4 envelope (1.44€).

Previous-year Online Newsletters can be retrieved here.


Press Reviews

Once a year our Press Review appears as a compilation of all IPB media reports.

A selection of our previous-year press coverage can be retrieved here.



Flyers 'Research Highlights'

From 2001 to 2009, the most interesting IPB research activities were summarized in annual ‘Research Highlights' flyers.


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