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The energy management system is the basis for systematically determining the energy flows within the institute and for deciding on investments to optimize energy efficiency. A functioning EnM enables the institute to continuously improve its energy performance by a systemic approach incorporating all legal requirements and other obligations.

Through our EnM energy policies, internal audits as well as a regular review by the management will be organized and performed.



Cost Savings

In the past 5 years, electricity costs of the institute increased by approximately 47 per cent. Due to levy adjustments a further increase of 15 per cent can be anticipated in 2013. Further cost increases are assumed for the following years.


The consumption of electricity and heating by the institute generates annual carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 4.700 tonnes. Electricity savings of, for instance, 15 per cent would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 580 tonnes per year. About 10.000 square meters of rainforest are required to convert this amount of carbon dioxide into biomass.



Preparing raw data for visualization and for the formation of figures contributes importantly to drawing comparisons and to sensitizing all IPB employees. When introducing the EnM, the institute decided to monitor the following figures and to make them internally available to all IPB staff members by a web-based tool.



All members of our institute have an influence on energy consumption and thus are responsible for an efficient use of resources.

Management and Board of Directors control the measures of the energy management.

Since February 2013 our energy management team meets regularly once a month to coordinate the energy saving measures and to implement them in the departments. The members come from all departments and serve as contact persons for all institute employees, who are interested in this topic and want to influence it.

For further information and questions please do not hesitate to contact our energy manager Tino Körner.


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