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Literature and Research Seminar

Literature resp. research seminars are held alternately every Wednesday at 9 am s.t.:

Venue: Kurt-Mothes-Saal.

Every PhD student is presenting approximately once a year during this seminar.

Literature seminar

The literature seminar is an opportunity for PhD students to give a presentation of an original publication from a high-profile scientific journal. Thereby, the literature seminar serves to provide an overview of current research priorities, on the one hand. On the other hand, the literature seminar trains students in preparing presentations and critically discussing publications. A literature seminar presentation is given by first- and third-year PhD students.

Selection criteria for publications for presentation:

  • original publications (no reviews),
  • not older than one year,
  • not directly related to the PhD student's own research work,
  • published in a high-profile journal (e.g.: Nature, Science, Cell, EMBO, PNAS, Plant Cell, JBC, Angew. Chemie, Chem. Com., Chem. Bio. Chem., J. Med. Chem.).

The choice of subject is not restricted. The selected publication for presentation should, however, be announced to Prof. Dr. Bettina Hause at the latest one week in advance. Publications may be reserved earlier.

Research seminar

The research seminar is a platform for PhD students to present their current research results and findings to a larger audience. The seminar's main purpose is to enhance critical review capabilities for their own research among doctoral students and hone their English language presentation skills. The research seminar is held by PhD students in the second and fourth year of their doctoral thesis projects.

Attendance of the literature and research seminar is compulsory for IPB Master's students, PhD students and research associates. Presentations should not be longer than 25 minutes. The seminar is held in English.

Please find our Seminar Calendar (Lectures) here.

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